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Weardale Fleece Jacket & Weardale Field Jacket

Here at Jack Pyke, we pride ourselves in our comprehensive outdoor clothing ranges, especially by way of certain lines of garments complimenting each other. One of the many we offer is the Weardale Range which is now very established and highly popular with hunters, hikers, fishermen, walkers, and anybody who enjoys spending time in the great outdoors. Arguably, it first gained attention due to the quilted wear on offer but there are now more conventional styled garments including jumpers, jackets, and trousers on offer.

Such is its popularity we’ve progressively added other garments to the range - two highly desirable but very different lightweight Jackets both designed and built to fulfil specific purposes.

One of our more recent additions is the Weardale Fleece Jacket. This 230gsm polyester Polar Fleece is suitable as an under layer in cold weather or as an outer layer when the weather is warmer.

So what makes it so special? Well Polar Fleece is a soft napped insulating fabric made from a type of polyester called polyethylene terephthalate or other synthetic fibres.

The word ‘napped’ refers to a process in which both sides of a piece of woven or knit fabric are teased and raised and/or sheared off to make them even.

It’s also constructed with large loops or long fibres on the inside or outside. This helps capture more air, which is the best insulator, so in turn provides better protection from the cold.

It features a heavy-duty zip opening, high collar with chin guard. Stowage is careered for with a zipped breast pocket, and two zipped side pockets. It also boasts elasticated cuffs and all zips have pull assists.

It has contrast shoulder panels with the Jack Pyke logo embroidered on the reverse of the collar and breast pocket.

This versatile mid-weight soft fleece provides optimal warmth, is highly resistant to moisture, dries quickly and will withstand a lot of use. Not only that but it’s yet another stylish practical fleece that can be worn casually when out and about or in the field.

Available in Green in Sizes S–3XL

The latest garment to join the range is The Jack Pyke Weardale Field Jacket.

As we’ve discovered from the previous garment, the Field Jacket takes build structure seriously and to another level.

Largely manufactured from 100% Polyester this lightweight jacket has quite a technical and well-thought out overall build design.

Firstly the outer has a smooth feel plus has the now acknowledged WINDBLOCKER denotation – a name it certainly lives up to.

Secondly, it has a BREATHA-TEX® membrane which is waterproof, windproof, breathable, and silent. Also, the lining is soft and comfortable to the touch which is yet another bonus. and in relation to specification ratings, it can boast being Waterproof: 8,000mm and Breathable: 5,000g/m2.


Waterproof ratings are measured in millimetres (mm) and usually fall anywhere from 800mm to 10,000mm. These figures indicate the amount of water pressure a fabric can withstand. Material with a 8,000mm rating will endure a 8,000mm or 8metre column of water bearing down on it before it starts to leak

In fact this rating is considered ideal for those who spend long days out in all weather conditions.

Breathability is often measured in a ‘g/m2’. This is the amount of moisture by weight that can pass through a square metre of fabric over the course of 24 hours. In this case it’s suitable for those undertaking medium to a moderately high level of outdoor activity.

What must be remembered is breathable garments won’t stop you sweating because this is just a natural bodily response to activity. However, breathable garments of this rating level do allow the drying process to happen much more quickly.

The Jacket has elasticated cuffs, and the weatherproof main zip makes it easy to control the airflow and temperature which combined with the spec’s speaks for itself while stowage is catered for by a zippered upper chest pocket and 2x lower side pockets.

It also features contrast side-panels, high collar with contrast trim, chin guard and hanging loop. All zips have pull assists.


The Jack Pyke Weardale Field Jacket is highly versatile and well suited to the transitional months of Autumn and Winter/Spring and Summer.

It’s superior build attributes allow its use in a layer system while as an outer layer, the garment will protect against the weather if out hunting, walking, or hiking. It’s light so can be easily stored and the type of jacket you’ll find yourself using with increasing frequency.

Available in Digicam or Forest Green Sizes S – 3XL

The importance of protective upper garments should never be underestimated, if they’re easy to carry and store all the better – this was a major part of our ethos when we designed and created both the Weardale Fleece Jacket and Weardale Field Jacket.

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