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LLCS 3D Leaf Concealment System

Long used by the military, police, hunters, nature photographers and even anglers the ghillie suit is the perfect type of outdoor apparel to blend into a countryside environment.

At Jack Pyke, we initially and previously produced a similar camo concept which we once offered in two of our own design camo patterns. However, due to the success of our latest camo, English Oak Evolution, we decided the system would benefit from a facelift and redesign.

This is now the LLCS 3D Light Leaf Concealment System and obviously due to it using our Evo design - which is a more generalised non-terrain specific camo - it immediately scores plus points as it suits the woods and fields during all-seasons. In fact when worn with all the other garments in the range it’s like wearing your own personal portable hide.

The build of all garments uses a lightweight 100% polyester mesh upon which full and half profile precision die cut leaves stitch attach onto.

The leaves integrated in the build of the garments hang free which in most areas allows them to standaway away from the clothing they are attached to. This is the reason the system works so well at camouflaging the wearer as not only is English Oak Evo a highly effective camo pattern, but this leafy build is what disrupts and conceals the hard outline of the unmistakeable human form.

LLCS 3D is a modular system that builds up to offer complete concealment. The main items of this system are a two-piece Ghillie Suit, comprising of a jacket and trousers which are purchased as a single item.

The jacket has a draw cord toggle adjust hood with elasticated cuffs and elasticated hemline with toggle cord adjust. It fastens up the front using weatherproof heavy duty press stud fasteners.

The trousers are of a over trouser design and have a toggle cord adjust elasticated waist plus elasticated ankle cuffs.

The suit is extremely light, weighing 480g and packs down to easily store in its own mesh bag with drawstring top for ease of transportation.

Both items are generous cut as befits this type of very lightweight over-wear.

Available in Medium/Large (Sized 38” – 44” Chest and 30” – 40” Waist) and XL/XXL (Sized 46” – 52” Chest 36” – 48” Waist)

To fully compliment and conceal the wearer there’s also garments to cover the hands head and face including an LLCS 3D Baseball Cap, Gloves, Baseball Cap with veil and full Balaclava. All being of a one-size fits all design.

The Jack Pyke LLCS 3D Gloves also feature 3D English Oak Evo camo leaves on the back and fingers. Resin dots on the palm side provide additional grip when using the gloves during wet weather. The gloves also feature Spandex wrist cuffs allowing a comfortable fit for most users.

The gloves don’t hinder trigger use or feel as they are so light and tactile. Also, the extended stretch fit cuffs offer an ideal amount of camo material to go under or over the elasticated cuffs of the jacket.

The Jack Pyke LLCS 3D Baseball Cap has a mesh top with 3D English Oak Evolution camo leaves has a useful sensibly sized peak and adjustment is via a hook and loop adjuster strap at the rear.

The LLCS 3D Baseball Cap with Veil again uses a mesh top dressed with 3D English Oak Evolution camo leaves. It can be altered to fit the wearer with a hook and loop adjuster on the back. The mesh veil with eye holes is attached to the base of the cap and fully extends concealment of the lower face and neck.

The Jack Pyke LLCS 3D Balaclava is an excellent addition is easily adjusted with tiebacks on the side of the balaclava. When not in use, the Clearview camo veil can be folded up and concealed under the top of the headgear.

The LLCS 3D system is the most cost-effective way of fully concealing yourself without using a hide for certain ambushing situations when you might want to change positions as the session progresses. Also where there’s little cover, at any time of year you have a better chance at blending into areas of gloom or shade.

All garments are light, silent in use, very comfortable to wear and easily stored in a rucksack for the times they’re required.

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