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Jack Pyke Shirts

Traditional formal and informal long sleeve shirts with cuffs and collars have long been associated with the people who cherish and enjoy the countryside. These are mainly plaid pattern Flannel Shirts but there’s also the lighter check pattern cotton/polyester shirt to consider.

Here at Jack Pyke we offer a selection of shirts in both styles as we realise their importance in the outdoor community. Flannel shirts earned their credibility centuries ago. The fabric has been around since at least the 17th century when it was introduced as an alternative to thicker, often scratchier wool. Flannel was smoother, simpler to make, and provided excellent coverage against the cold. Hardly surprising that it’s hugely grown in popularity over the decades. There are various types of ‘Flannel,’ but Cotton Flannel is usually much lighter than other types such as wool or synthetic fibre flannel. However, the Flannel in our shirt is a soft, medium-weight cotton fabric that has a napped, fuzzy, finish on both sides.

The Jack Pyke Cotton Flannel shirt is based on the traditional brown plaid pattern often associated with this type of garment. As it’s a light flannel it only offers mild insulating properties yet is strong enough to not be pierced easily by brambles and the like. Also to stay with the traditional style the manufacture follows the fishtail design where the back extends lower than the front. It has a button down collar and two button down breast pockets. Also, a useful feature on what is a very popular theme is the shirt has button adjustable cuffs. The cuffs are quite broad, so you’ll have no problem when you choose to roll the sleeves up as on some inferior shirts they tend to easily unravel down – but not on ours. Our take on this timeless classic design is purposely made to be both practical and versatile. It can be worn open over a base layer in warmer weather or for more formal country related functions buttoned up and worn with a tie. Available in sizes: S-XXXL.

Another traditional shirt we offer is the Jack Pyke Countryman Shirt. All our Countryman shirts are manufactured from 60/40 CVC Easycare. CVC stands for Chief Value Cotton as cotton/polyester blended with a mix of 60% Cotton and 40% Polyester. This material makes the shirts breathable and soft, yet still offers durability. As for ‘Easycare’ the clue is in the name as they’re machine washable and easy to iron.

These check shirts feature a button down collar, breast pocket and button adjust cuffs. As with all our shirts it can be paired with many ties, gilets, and jumpers that we offer. Available in four different colours of Brown, Burgundy, Green and Navy. Available in sizes: S-XXXL.

The Ladies Countryman Shirt is our latest addition to the ladieswear range. With adjustable sleeve cuffs, cuff vent and a semi fitted body, this is a versatile and stylish shirt for any outdoor pursuit. Available in Brown, Navy, and Pink check pattern. Sizes 8, 10, 12, 14 & 18.

Just like the grown-ups, the younger countrymen need a classic checked shirt to help achieve the countryside look. The Jack Pyke Junior Countryman Shirt features the chest pocket and button down collar giving the garment a practical and neat finish. Available in Green Check in Sizes XS (3-4yrs) and XL which is suited to the 11 – 12yrs age group.

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