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Architecture of a Boot

Many hunters and outdoorsmen know the benefits of owning more than one pair of boots. Not only due to the fact if you regularly use them then it’s always best to let a boot fully dry out and be cleaned before wearing them again.

However, there’s also the choice of styles to consider for the type of usage they’ll be required for – that being the terrain you most often operate over and the foot support and protection you’ll require due to the conditions of the areas you walk through and the ground underfoot.

So, what should you look for in choosing any boot?

Obviously, it needs to be comfortable, manufactured from hard wearing durable material, have the attributes of being waterproof and breathable, preferably have a padded upper plus give support and protection to the foot at key areas such as the toe and heel. This isn’t the only requisite for foot protection as there’s a very important feature that goes around the base of the boot that connects it to the sole – this is called the ‘rand’ and most often made of rubber. This protects and supports the side of the foot and gives the boot rigidity where the material used for the body of the boot meets the lower harder sole.

The type of sole is also of high importance and that’s why we fit our sturdier boots with soles manufactured by the famous company, Vibram of Italy. These are suited to a wide range of terrain so that’s why we chose one of their outer soles that has a deep cut lug layout, so the boot is suited to a wide variety of terrain plus remains easy to clean. The lacing system needs to draw the boot to the foot while being forgiving so there’s no discomfort in movement plus a higher leg design requires a wide throat which is the width of the padded tongue at the upper front section when the boot is opened so it allows them to be put on or off quickly. This combined with what often is referred to as a ‘speed lacing system’ combines with all other attributes to make for highly efficient and desirable outdoor footwear. Generally, the most popular boot is what is termed a mid-height or ankle boot. The design is very much what is known as a hiking boot and is often the main choice due to the fact it’s very unobtrusive to wear for the active hunter. A high leg boot is as the name suggests a boot that stands far taller than an ankle boot so as to protect the lower calf and shin plus offer more support for the ankle over rocky terrain. It also keeps the lower leg dry as well as giving the wearer extra insulation.

At Jack Pyke we offer a mid-height and high leg boot – these being the Fieldman and Hunter, respectively which both share commonalities of build These being they’re manufactured from full grain leather with a Hydroguard Membrane which ensures they’re 100% waterproof and breathable. They also boast 200gms of Thinsulate insulation. They feature padded uppers plus padded tongue and heel technology. The Vibram trek rubber sole has a generous rubber rand for all terrain protection which couples with the robust toe buffer which also rises up at the back protecting the heel. The boots are also given an Agion antimicrobial treatment making them highly odour resistant plus they have very effective speed lacing systems. Both are available in Sizes 6-12UK.

For the times you’ll require a lightweight stalking boot but one that offers as much protection as a high leg we offer our Tundra 2 boots in English Oak EVO. These waterproof and breathable camo-clad boots provide the ultimate support, comfort and protection using a combination EVA and rubber sole. The upper is created using 900D Cordura material throughout with a mesh lining around the top plus a Hydroguard membrane. They have padded tongue and heel, with extra toe and heel protection plus toe buffer with toe rise. The materials used in the build make them highly flexible and extremely light in weight. Weighing approximately 1.1kg they will give effortless and stealthy walking and stalking yet still offer the protection required. Available in Sizes 7-12UK.

Here at Jack Pyke were proud to say the boots we supply fulfil all the criteria required of outdoor footwear whether you be hunter, hiker, walker, or outdoorsman.

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