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Sunday 22 December 2013 – Club Lake

Sunday 22 December 2013 – Club Lake

02 January 2014

I had not managed to get out fishing for 3 weeks with Christmas preparations and family commitments and had not wet a line for carp for 5 weeks. Needless to say I was desperate to get out (and I think the wife was desperate for me to get out of the house too!) so a date was agreed for a days fishing on Sunday 22 December.

I had asked my old fishing buddy whether he fancied a day out either carping or piking, and once he was given the green light from his other half a nice little social was organised. The weather forecast was wet so it was decided that the river would be too up and coloured for piking so we decided upon a days carping on a club lake fairly local to home.

I decided to drop in to the lake on Friday night to give it a little prebait, selecting an area of open water thinking that this was the most likely area for a few fish to be holding up in. I also sprinkled a few handfuls of bait in thee margins. I didn’t over do it spreading around just under a kilo of mixed i40 and Coconut Krill baits in the throwing stick over a central forty yard central strip of water. My plan for Sunday was to just fish short rigs with PVA sticks of crumbed bait, with no other free offerings, recasting every hour or so in the hope of searching out a fish or two.


We arrived at first light and selected adjacent pegs facing the area that I had baited. I fished a simple 3.5” braid rig on one rod and, sliding on a small PVA stick of crumbed i40 boilies and some pellets that Allan at Mistral had made up for me, and fished a single bottom bait on the hair. On the other rod I fished a 4” coated hooklink on a multi rig, with a pink 4Seasons pop up. A small bag of crumbed 4Seasons bait was put in a PVA stick and hooked on before casting in. Hooks were scaled down to 10’s and 8’s considering that I was fishing for smaller fish, typically upper singles/ low doubles.

My first fish came after a third recast slightly more to the left of the baited area around lunchtime and turned out to be a decent fish for the lake, a cracking 16lb 12oz Common. This fell to the i40 bottom bait.

The weather had turned a bit squally and I had noticed what looked like a couple of flat areas in the lightly rippled water. Taking a chance that this was caused by fish I recast the right hand rod to the area with the pink pop up on and a small PVA stick. Forty minutes later that rod was away and a common of about 11lb was landed.


Things quietened off a little but I continued with the regular recasting tactic. We were due to pack up at 5pm so I decided to do the last recast just after 3:30. The right hand rod was away again at about 4:20 on the i40 bottom bait and another common of about 8lb was netted. I unhooked it quickly and decided to get another bait and stick back out for the last half hour. Within 15 minutes the same rod was away with the smallest fish of the day, about 7lb.


It was then time to pack up and get home for a lovely Sunday roast. Before leaving we put another kilo of bait, and planned to bait again next Friday in readiness for a return just before New Years Eve for another social.

I had thoroughly enjoyed my day and vowed to try similar regular recasting tactics on my main waters in future in the winter as more often I sit there with motionless indicators willing something to happen rather than casting around trying to land a bait somewhere near the nose of a carp.