Jack Pyke Open Report

Jack Pyke Open Report

Jack Pyke Open Report

27 June 2013

We recently Sponsored the Jack Pyke Open at Sporting Targets from the 12th to the 16th June

Below is the report of how it went!

  • Day 1 Wednesday 12th June
    The weather was mild and over cast with a gusting wind, the latter making some targets either more or less difficult. Unfortunately the day started with hiccup as a trap completely broke down just in time for the first squad, apologies to all affected and hoping it did not spoil your day.
    The high scores on the day where set by  George Digweed on 113 with Paul Simpson equaling that score Harry Arnold put in a 112, with Mr B Simpson and P Batchelor putting score of 109 each
    Ronnie Green put in a score of 99 to lead the juniors

  • Day 2 Thursday 13th June
    The weather was as the first day, over cast with blustery winds.
    In AA class Nick Hendrick and John Lee both put in a score of 110 with Richard Bunning returning 106 leaving Messrs Digweed and Simpson at the top of the tree.
    In A Class Chris Morris put in a score of 104 with David Ferriman, M Heywood, D Keen and A Miller tying on 103
    B Class was being led by M Cole on 99, with V Linetskiy and D Plummer on 97
    C class had both S Bridges and A Dearman on 91 with M Hearn on 90 in second place
    In Juniors Ronnie Green was still leading with J Whitehouse on 90, C Dearman on 85 and J R Freeman on 81
    R Brumby was leading the ladies on 98, with K Shaw on 89
    B J Simpson was on a solid 109, leading the Vets, with W Cooper on 99

  • Day 3 Friday 14th June
    The weather was definitely brighter, however the wind remained albeit not quit as strong, at least that is how it felt
    The big news today was a monster performance by M Pennington, in AA class knocking Messrs Digweed and Simpson of the top with a score of 114. Chris Childerhouse put in a 112 and Ben Husthwaite a 111. Martin Myers and Ed Solomans both returned a 109 and Graham Stirzaker a 107
    It was all change at the top of A class as well with R Arbon now leading on 107 and Ian Hallwood on 106
    B class was now being led by J McKenzie on 102
    There was also a new leader in C class G Smith on 95
    Ronnie Green reign at the top of the Juniors was ended today as J Lovick put in a great score of 105
    Changes where also happing in the ladies with Susan Hallwood putting in a 104 with L J Butler on 103
    In Vets that solid score of B J Simpson was toppled by an amazing 112 from C J Saich

  • Day 4 Saturday 15th June
    The weather remains blustery, winds seemingly stronger than previous days with a mixture of sun and showers, from mid afternoon the skies cleared although the wind remained.
    At the top of AA class there was little change today with M Pennington remaining ahead.
    In A Class D E Rollason joined Ian Hallwood on a score of 106 in 2nd place. J T Geary also managed a score of 103, joining seven others pon the same score.
    B class did see a change at the top, G Maund shooting 109, we also had P W Kime joining the leaders of B class on 101.
    G Smith held on to his lead in C class, however second place is now held by I P Gander on 94 followed by R Scurr on 93
    N Skinner put in a score of 106 to lead the Juniors and J Greenleaf shot 100 putting him in thrid place.
    In the ladies Susan Hallwoods score is still the one to beat.
    The Vets had Fred Kidd moving into joint second place on 109, equaling B J Simpson and John Stanton in 108

  • Day 5 Sunday 16th June
    A steady breeze and clear blue skies, at last. Later in the morning it became over cast and the wind subsided to almost perfect shooting conditions. On the final day there was change at the top again, with Sam Green shooting an outstanding 118, congratulations Sam.

    In A class we also had a new leader, S Thexton on 109.
    G Maund held on to B class
    Local shooter Dave Reading topped C class on 96

    N Skinner remained top of the juniors and C J Saich top of vets

Congratulations to all the winners. To view list of winners please click here.