Jack Pyke gets behind red squirrel conservation

Jack Pyke gets behind red squirrel conservation

Jack Pyke gets behind red squirrel conservation

04 December 2012

Jack Pyke support red squirrel conservation and sponsor Jerry Moss who is employed full time as a red squirrel ranger at the Whinfell forest red squirrel refuge near Penrith in Cumbria.

How did this come about ?

Jerry: A couple of years ago Phil Hardman met up with me to do an article for AGW on the work I do and the new Daystate Red Ranger Ltd. ed rifle .When I met Phil he was wearing the Jack Pyke English Woodland Camo Suit and I was very impressed with the pattern as it was just what I was looking for - being nice shades of green. Phil put me in contact with Jack Pyke and the clothing was supplied.

Jack Pyke have continued to support me, my Partner Sarah McNeil and work colleague Christian Bensaid with camo clothing and other gear.

picture: Sarah McNeil                                                                   

What does your job involve?

Jerry: I am a full time Red squirrel conservation ranger employed at the Whinfell forest refuge to protect the resident red squirrel population. The refuge has a 5km buffer zone.

Red squirrels being native to the United Kingdom are under a real threat from the ever encroaching imported Grey squirrels. Grey squirrels are immune carriers of the squirrel pox virus that if contracted by the Reds is fatal. This means reds and greys can not live side by side. The main part of my work is grey squirrel control and I use two methods to achieve this - shooting and trapping. I also monitor red squirrel populations within the buffer zone. The work involves working with landowners, gamekeepers, volunteers and the public. In addition, I am one of the trustees for the Penrith and District Red Squirrel Group - a registered charity run by volunteers to raise awareness and funds to help protect our native red squirrel.

The nature of my job means I work in woodlands day in day out and I need to have the stealth approach and blend in with my surroundings. I also need gear that is hardwearing and can be relied upon to keep me warm and dry. The Jack Pyke range of camo patterns are ideal for the woodlands here in the UK.